Business Link Pacific Offering Subsidy For New Websites and Ecommerce for SMEs In Fiji

Business Link Pacific is a New Zealand Government programme supporting private sector development in the Pacific Islands.

Business Link Pacific (BLP) is offering 50% per cent subsidy on website development services from advisors like The Army of Flying Monkeys.

This is in an effort to try to mitigate the negative impacts of COVID-19 on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Fiji. This subsidy is only available though recognised and approved Partners.

Stuart is a BLP Approved advisor, and The Army of Flying Monkeys is a recognised Partner firm and we have managed to secure funding for implementation of new websites and website eCommerce solutions into 7 different SMEs in Fiji already in the past year.

Business Link Pacific is a New Zealand Government programme supporting private sector development in the Pacific Islands.

“The BLP Subsidy covers up to 50 percent of website development services through BLP approved advisors focusing on services that support business continuity, contingency planning, access to available financial packages, refinancing and renegotiating loans and new working setups, such as IT systems, access to communications platforms and cloud-based software.

The subsidy package will cover services for up to NZ$5,000 per SME, and further support will be considered on a case-by-case approach.

Stuart Gow said “To access the subsidy, any affected business can contact us directly to have a chat about what support we can make available under this scheme.”.

The BLP Subsidy Scheme

Based on our research in the Pacific, we know that small and medium sized business owners and managers often struggle to find quality local business advice that is also affordable. The right business advice can be a game changer for a growing business.

The BLP Subsidy Scheme is designed to make services more affordable, minimise risks and introduce businesses to reliable and quality services.

BLP currently offers subsidies of up to 50% of website development costs through BLP approved advisors.

Our online marketing services have been supported int he form of new and adapted websites and ecommerce solutions and customer engagement.

Why does Business Link Pacific exist?

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