WordPress Support & Maintenance Plans

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Whether you simply need WordPress maintenance updates or you need someone on call to answer WordPress how-to questions, we have you covered. Our WordPress support and maintenance contracts will help keep your site secure, up to date, and provide our expert development and consulting services for you to utilize when needed.

We love WordPress because it’s open source and the amazing WordPress community continues to improve and update the software at very fast rate. These functional and security updates are required to keep websites safe, secure, and functionally robust.

Why You Need Professional Support and Maintenance

While many WordPress websites owners think they will keep up with software updates, this fails to happen. Website owners frequently get caught up with life, work, and publishing content. In doing so, they completely forget about keeping their website software updated and their data backed up.

WordPress is just like any software used on desktops, tablets, or phones. It needs to be regularly updated for functional and security updates. If users fail to do so, they open themselves up to broken functionality, malware, and Google warnings of security issues.

WordPress maintenance contracts are great for providing peace of mind and security for your website while also protecting your online marketing efforts.

Additional Plan Details

Personalized WordPress Support – Includes one-hour of client-directed support requests that may include activities such as:

  • Theme design changes and tweaks
  • Troubleshooting of WordPress or plugins
  • One-on-one user training
  • Content entry or updates
  • Plugin investigation and recommendations
  • Plugin installation and configuration
  • Form creation and styling
  • Google Analytics goal set up and tracking
  • Newsletter setup and integration
  • Website migrations
  • SSL setup
  • 301 redirect creation

Additional hours available via plan upgrade or on an hourly basis.

Any overages are invoiced at month end and billed at F$350 per hour in quarter hour increments.

Our WordPress maintenance plans do not include SEO strategy, keyword research, or on-page optimization. These SEO services are available as an add-on service.


Cover the basics...
$ 595 Quarterly
  • Hosting Company Liaison
  • Theme Revision Tracking
  • WordPress Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Framework Updates
  • Spam Filtering and Cleansing


Full coverage for larger sites
$ 895 Quarterly
  • Personalized WordPress Support
  • Hosting Company Liaison
  • Theme Revision Tracking
  • WordPress Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Framework Updates
  • Spam Filtering and Cleansing
  • Ongoing Security Scanning
  • Uptime Monitoring


Full coverage for secure ecommerce sites
$ 1795 Quarterly
  • Personalized WordPress Support
  • Hosting Company Liaison
  • Theme Revision Tracking
  • WordPress Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Framework Updates
  • Spam Filtering and Cleansing
  • Ongoing Security Scanning
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Google Blacklist Monitoring
  • Security hardening and monitoring
  • Quarterly Deep Security Checkups


Offsite Backups

Secure backups to our storage and/or your own offsite storage. Backup frequencies of your choice from daily to real-time.

Security Hardening

Initial security hardening, malware checking and server inspection followed by monthly Sucuri checkups.

Site Optimisations

Initial performance optimisation. Includes setup of static cache, object cache, script minification and general optimising. Weekly or monthly checkups will follow.

Imagify Image Compression

Get access to automatic image optimisation from Imagify. Your images are compressed on upload to improve load time and SEO.

Uptime Monitoring (Pro & Business Plans)

We monitor your site and act immediately if anything goes wrong. You get monthly Uptime reports.

Site Reports (Pro & Business Plans)

Get details reports of updates, uptime, analytics, performance and backups each month.

Web Trust (Pro & Business Plans)

We check your site to ensure that it marked as safe across various services such as Google Safe Browsing, Sucuri Malware and Norton.

Developer Support  (Pro & Business Plans)

Get access to our developers who will help with everything from custom functions to support with 3rd party services. Get support direct from your dashboard.

Woocommerce Support  (Pro & Business Plans)

We support WooCommerce websites from small to large we ensure that your store is running smoothly.

Update Management

From WordPress core updates to themes and plugins we conduct safe updates for you.

Cost Saving

From included support to security protection, you will save money with our support and maintenance plans.

Security Monitoring  (Pro & Business Plans)

Hackers are trolling the web and constantly looking for websites and blogs that are vulnerable. Once found they’ll load malware and malicious code into your website and server, which can reroute traffic and produce warning notices in Google’s organic search.

We’ll monitor your website, scan for malware, and use brute force protection to better protect you.

Uptime Monitoring

We’ll actively monitor the website or blog’s uptime and take swift action should your site go down. We’ll notify you of any issues and we’ll help get it back up as soon as possible.

Why quarterly and not monthly?

Quite honestly, we keep our own websites very, very, very up to date and have a weekly check on them to ensure we are as cutting-edge modern as possible. But hey, let’s be quite frank here, that this is seldom ever necessary (in fact we can only remember once ever having to contact our clients about an urgent update that require fast implementation, the 2014 Heartbleed Security Update).

We have found that monthly is just too frequent for you to be thinking about this stuff, and just doesn’t help clients get their real work done. Having us hassle you monthly to ask about maintenance is a just that, a hassle.

Freedom of Quarter-to-Quarter Services

Our WordPress support and maintenance contracts are Quarter-to-Quarter. We do not require any long-term commitments. We believe serving clients is a privilege and not a right, so we don’t lock you into a long-term contract.

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