Why these mobile ranking things matter and how can you benefit from them?

Since 2016 over 60% of the searches on Google.com come from mobile devices. Being listed in Google’s mobile search results will have a huge impact on the number of visitors that come to your site.

A recent report from Hitwise (registration required) argues that in the US mobile search is roughly 58 percent of overall search query volume. That’s based on an average of 11 key categories and associated queries analyzed by Hitwise in its “Mobile Search: Topics and Themes” report. The company “examined hundreds of millions of online search queries” across PCs, smartphones and tablets between April 10 and May 7, 2016.

Are you missing out on new opportunities in mobile?

Although more than half of searches happen on mobile, the overall number of desktop searches has not declined. The number of searches desktop devices (PC’s and notebooks, including Apple and iPads of course) has remained about the same.

The overall search volume has seriously increased a lot, but in reality the majority of the new searches happen on mobile devices. Looking at your Analytics, just because your desktop traffic isn’t dropping doesn’t mean that mobile is not quite as important to your business.

You should not completely abandon desktop search in favor of mobile search. However, you are missing out on the mobile search opportunities if you do not optimize your pages for mobile.

Why these mobile ranking things matter…

Need to check Google Mobile Rankings ? Now is easier than ever before by following the next steps:

  1. Go To www.georanker.com/localrankchecker
  2. Enter Keywords
  3. Enter your URL ( optional )
  4. Select one country for running National Wide Mobile Ranking Reports ( on different cities ) or more countries for running Global Mobile Ranking Reports
  5. Next you just need to “Generate Report”

You will receive Local Google Mobile 1st Result Page along with your website rankings and Mobile Advertisers in each different location!

This Google Mobile Rankings also checks the ranking of your web pages on the Desktop search results on Google. The position of your web pages on Bing and Yahoo are also tracked.

Not surprisingly, the majority of mobile searches are local, i.e. people on the move.

According to Google, a third of mobile searches are local. That’s why it is important to check the rankings from a particular location.

What you should do now about your mobile ranking

Mobile search is very important. Make sure that your website can be displayed on mobile devices. If you use WordPress to create your website (which assuming you do as you are here on our site!), use a responsive design template that works with desktop computers, tablet computers and mobile phones.

If you use a different content management system, ask your web designer to create a design that works on tablet computers and mobile phones.

High rankings on mobile devices can greatly improve your business.

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