There is a new version of W3 Total Cache available – Version

We hope you’re using the W3 Total Cache plugin to make your WordPress website faster, and if you did then you made an awesome Monkey choice. This morning a new version of W3 Total Cache popped up and is available – Version

Hang ON – this ain’t no light-weight plugin to update…

Now before you willy-nilly go ahead push that Update Now button a few words of warning here:

  • W3 Total Cache plugin puts code deep into your website, so it’s a bit codey to update
  • It requires access to sensitive files such a .htaccess and wp-config.php, mostly which are automatically or manually “locked down” to a 0404 permission status
  • If you try to upgrade and the plugin cannot write to these files it will fall on its face

If any of the above is techy mumbo-jumbo to you, then we recommend you leave this update to one of your friendly Flying Monkeys or web-pro. 🙂

Tweaks and updated code in the Version plugin

Heres the official list of tweaks and updated code in the Version plugin

  • Fixed handling of HTTP compressed documents in PHP v5.3 (via amiga-500)
  • Fixed a bug with accelerated mobile pages (via nigrosimone)
  • Improved reliability of minify in manual mode
  • Improved JavaScript interoperability with CDATA use cases
  • Improved file name generation on Windows for IIS servers
  • Improved handling of # in URLs
  • Improved handling of exclusions for e-commerce in Genesis Framework
  • Improved handling of headers for Microsoft Azure
  • Improved functionality with existing Cloudfront Distributions when configuring Full Site Delivery
  • Improved minify debug logging
  • Improved handling of URLs that omit the protocol
  • Improved handling of custom files with CDN (via amiga-500)
  • Updated CSSTidy library (via nigrosimone and amiga-500)
  • Added Swarmify Video Optimization Extension [Hat tip the Swarmify Team]
  • Added flushing of AMP pages

Ideal W3 Total Cache Settings

We recommend reading through this great article for The Ideal W3 Total Cache Settings With Screenshots (Updated 2017) With Cloudflare + MaxCDN Instructions by Tom Dupuis, updated 11 April 2017.

W3 Total Cache Plugin

W3 Total Cache improves the SEO and user experience of your site by increasing website performance, reducing download times via features like content delivery network (CDN) integration.



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