Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet 2017

Trying to keep up with social media changes is quite honestly simply exhausting, even here in the Monkey Treehouse. It seems like every other week, social networks like Facebook and Twitter decide to “upgrade” and come out with all new layouts, requiring different sized images!

So in an effort to keep up with them, the following infographic courtesy of WeAreTop10 provides a simple and neat overview of all the various visual parameters that these popular social networking sites have in place.

We hope this makes it easier for all you small businesses SME to create the graphics and visuals for your various pages on social media sites.

Why is Social Media Image Size important?

Remember that you need most of these dimensions as a minimum to get your pics onto the Social networks.

Your WordPress post with only a 200px image won’t work if you cut/paste the link to Facebook, you just won’t get ANY image in the post…

If you use Jetpack to auto-share, a warning does pop up in Featured Image, heed it!

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