WordPress and Google+, our thoughts

We have a VERY strong reason why we think Google+ is promising to be the next big thing. To put it monkey simply, Google+ is backed by two of the leading search engines in the World – Google and YouTube.

Google looks at all the Google+ activity as a way to provide socially relevant search results nowadays. So when you search for anything on Google (and lets be honest EVERYONE does it on Google). if you are logged in to your Google account, you’ll now see different results than when you aren’t logged in.

Google-PlusWhen you’re logged in, these results contain the posts shared by people in your Google + circles.

So as more and more people add you into their circles, your own posts will automatically start to be pushed to top of the search page when these Google + users search for anything you might have posted about on your blog or website.

It is also a pretty safe bet to anticipate that Google+ will integrate with ALL of the multitude of Google products. To name a few of the obvious, easy ones we reckon these will be first: Google Places, Google Checkout, Google Docs, Google Books, the Android platform,  Google Chrome and the list will go on, and on, and on. We reckon that it’s never too early to get in the Google game and capitalise this seriously no-going-away social media channel.

If you haven’t already created a Google+ profile, head over to https://plus.google.com and signup with your Google account.

Start off by filling up your own personal profile. You can add profile pictures, a short bio, contact details, links to your other social profiles, links to your sites, and so on.

Spend some time and get familiar with Google+.


Circles on Google PlusWith Google+, organizing your friends and followers is done with what they call Circles.

Circles let you select which group of people you will share certain posts, links and updates with. Circles are be of two types

  • inbound
  • outbound

An inbound circle is a list of people you want to follow, while an outbound circle is a list of people you want to share a certain type of information with. You can put people in more than one circle.

You can also move or copy users from one circle to another by simply dragging their profiles from one circle to another.

Keeping your circles organized will help you get the most out of Google+ in the long run.

Start engaging with your audience by posting new updates or sharing other people’s posts that you find interesting.


Creating a Google+ Page

Most important in marketing sense is creating a Google+ Page.

This is a great way (not to mention a seriously important way) to build company brand awareness and reach out to your customers. To get started:

  1. Sign in to your Google account
  2. Then go to http://www.google.com/+/business/.
  3. Click on Create Your Google+ Page.
  4. Pick a category relevant to your business.
  5. Specify your business name and website URL.
  6. Select an additional category to further classify nature of your business.
  7. Click on Create button.
  8. Give a catchy tag line to your business page. You have a limit of maximum ten words here.
  9. Add a profile picture.

And you are all set.

How to integrate Google+ on your WordPress website

So now, how to integrate Google+ on your WordPress website? Well there are 2 ways t think about this, and two things you may want to do, see how the Monkleys do it:

  1. Auto post to Google Plus from WordPress (or indeed vice versa)
  2. Add a plugin for Google Plus pimp your website


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