How to: registering your profile on many social sites…

Social media has radically changed the face of the internet in a very short time span. The big brands have already reaped, and are continuing to reap, the benefits of using social media and networks.

This article concentrates on how to registering your profile on the many social sites…

There is absoulately noreason you can’t go ahead and go through the social networks yourself and set-up all the profiles, pages and logins yourself.

However, we will warn you that it is time consuming, so get your self a strong cup of coffee, a good internet connection, MP3’s to drown out the world, some spare time, and then prep these things ready before you start.

Pre-registration Prep

Seriously, spend some time on your own desktop getting these ready before launching into it:

  • Chose a main username that you’d like to be identified with, and then have a second backup.  The first will be the IDEAL one that you’d like to get hold of on all sites.  For example in Victoria’s Secret PINK case, they used “VSPink”.  The second is your fallback if the first is taken.  Victoria’s Secret probably used “VicSecPink”.
  • Prep your good hi-res profile picture on hand. Use the same one across all your networks, so best to have it sitting on your desktop in a folder, named well.
  • Next make ‘tiny’ versions of the profile pic – for sure under 50k.  Make multiple versions: PNG, JPG and GIF.  try to use the hires .png unless the site has specific requirements (some only accept, GIF and JPG, some only JPG, some only files under 100k, etc).
  • Create a company tagline for the : this MUST be under 140 characters for most netowrks.   Use your word program or text editor to check number of words and characters…
  • Create a company bio: this MUST be under 250 characters.
  • Get 5-10 images ready to upload to the newsfeed or photo albumn (keep them small 600px max for speed)
  • Have a video ready to go, and load it to YouTube for streaming if available to the sites
  • Set up Chrome or Firefox to work well as a password manager, or download  a password manager.  You’ll find a great review of password managers on Lifehacker.
  • Chrome or Firefox is also great at Auto-Filling forms, set that up now

Email for registration

Every single one of the social media networks will require that they send you an email for verification to ensure this isn’t a junk/spam account being setup. Our recommendation is to set-up a Gmail account with the same Username! Simple. Then keep Gmail open in a different tab and the Validation email comes in fast and verification is almost instant.

This also give you access to YouTube to load videos and embed/stream them to the networks.

Next up, load up a databse of your customers, friends and email database. This will make it easy to “Find Friends” by linking to your Google Account. BE VERY CREAFUL here! You do not want to do ALL the networks at once. We recommend only doing 1 email send out a week!

Sign Up Time

Next up, how to find which social networks you want to be on. Easiest way is to use These guys have the big ones all listed and ready to go.

Using can save you a lot of time by bringing you straight to registration pages from there home page.

Go ahead and sign up for their service here and go play!

From there, the steps are pretty straight forward:

  • Click on link in
  • Sign Up as a new user
  • fill in all appropriate information (using form filler if possible)
  • wait for a validation email (usually takes about 30-60 seconds)
  • validate your email
  • log in to the site
  • fill in your profile information
  • upload profile  picture
  • invite friends if you want (as above we recommend opting out of this on first go – we do not want to email spam friends with PILES of “Join US on This This Site!” notifications),Social-Media-Marketing
  • play with the site,
  • Upload your top 5 images
  • Upload/Youtube a video into it
  • note the ones that you want to come back to later.

You will need about 3 hour to register your profile on the 20 biggest and most important sites.

We recommend giving each of the sites at least 10 minutes of your time to look around, upload some pics and video, customize the profile/page and generally understand the site’s feel and aims.

Phew, a good amount of coffee used in doing all this!

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