Review of the Jetpack plugin for stats

At  the start of 2012 a freindly Monkey in San Frncisco recommended that we try the Jetpack plugin for WordPress as he thought we should come down out of our trees and give it a spin.

He told us how jazzy it was and that we really needed to try it out and gave us a very short Jetpack review.

The best part, as with most WordPress plugins – it was free.  That’s right keep reading this review then just do a search in your plugins section in the WordPress dashboard to find the Jetpack plugin.

What does the Jetpack plugin do then?

Jetpack pluginWe really haven’t taken full advantage of all of the 8 features offered with the Jetpack plugin yet to be frank (and we’re not normally called Frank, prefering our own Monkey names).

We so far have mainly been using and enjoying the WordPress stats plugin features of the Jetpack plugin.  This feature alone makes this plugin worth downloading.  You can track everything as far as traffic goes from right there on your own dashboard.  The main display shows your daily stats page automatically!

The stats that are automatically displayed on the “At a Glance” page inside the Jetpack plugin.

  1. Referrers – a list of all the sites that referred traffic to your site today.  An example could be Facebook.
  2. Search Engine Terms – A list of the all the keywords that were searched for, and what traffic they brought – great for  racking which long-tail keywords you are ranking for.
  3. Top Posts and Pages – The top ten posts and pages visited today.  Jetpack also lists how many hits each post got individually.  I use this stat to calculate conversion rates for my capture pages.  This is huge info to have for any type of marketing.
  4. Clicks – Another key component to track.  This gives you all the links that were clicked on your site each day and how many times each link was clicked.

As you can see in this Jetpack review this is very jazzy stuff.  You can also view all of these stats on a weekly or monthly basis as well.  We really like the overall monthly feature.  This tells you if your overall website traffic is increasing or 🙁 decreasing on a monthly basis.


If you’re like us and only use the wordpress stats feature in Jetpack this is clearly a WordPress super plugin.  But wait there’s more!  Jetpack for wordpress boasts 7 more features…..

But more on THEM later!!!


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