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Your comments are VERY welcome here @ of course! We encourage you to share your point of view and monkey experiences and ask silly monkey questions about your online hiccups. Saying that, there is a caveat, not all your monkey comments will get approved and here’s why…

Comments are closed after 30 days to keep the conversation on this site current.

(if you have ANY idea about SEO or how the web runs then this will make a LOT of sense to you. If you have no idea why, then you need to give a Mnkey a call!)

“Post your comments on others’ Blogs and get links to your site!” Easy, right? There is even ill advised software to plaster your “posts” on Blogs across the Web with minimal effort on your part… Simply put, DON’T DO IT!

What many don’t understand is that Blogs are about opinions and conversations not about one-sided megaphones for self-promotion. In the mad quest to get incoming one-way links to their websites, everyone’s blogs are getting spammed with generic drivel from unsavvy marketers that serve no purpose other than reflecting the comment maker’s want (and serious lack of tech savvy) to gain a vaunted oneway inbound link.

We as the Army have a whole quiver of blogs (like that, want a quiver yourself?) and every single one is moderated by one of us. By being moderated this means that ALL comments submitted need to be approved by one of us before being allowed onto the blog for the public to see. Our Blogs — our rools — (Wicked Tribe, Rooling Tribe!) and we are  very picky about what gets added to our blogs by those who we don’t know. “Little monkeys live long time by being very careful!”

It’s called Quality Control and Assurance (QA Police!, yes we is it!).

Comments on WordPressA site visitor’s comments do not get anywhere near any of our blogs unless they meet follow the following rools:

  • The comment must include your REAL name; at the very least your first name or a traceable nickname — spelled properly is a plus. Put any of your keywords in this field and we will hit delete faster than light. If your post is indeed relevant, and specific, and you don’t use your name you will get a request via a P.S. at the bottom of my reply to use your name on any other comments. Do it again and KAZAAM, your history.
  • This is a Business related Blog — type as though you get that. Even though we are a troupe of Monkeys, if you type like a preschooler with bad grammar, typos and incomplete sentences, all lower case, there’s a good chance your message will be completely lost in your inability to communicate properly.
  • The comment MUST be specific to the post you are commenting on — and we mean SPECIFIC. General ooh-ooh-ahh-ahh (like a Monkey) just does not cut it. Comments like “I see your point but don’t agree…” without anything else, tells us you are just link baiting. If you disagree with our view, please do give us your POV in a coherent manner. the monkeys WILL respond back with the same courtesy.
  • Compliments are futile. Yes, we all love to hear how great our site is and having our egos stroked by site visitors. But my ego does not fall prey to those who try to compliment their way into gaining a link to their site from my Blog with empty praise. Posts that are genuine compliments with no URL noted are those I take as sincerely genuine. Only those compliments combined with thoughtful specific commentary will have a chance of being approved for viewing by my site visitors. It’s all about the conversation!
  • Links inside/after your comments are not allowed unless they are pointing to a specific resource that is relevant to the  whole conversation. Promotional links or signature files will be EXTERMINATED before a comment is considered for approval.

Between all our Blogs, about 200 “comments” each day are marked as spam (automatically, isn’t is great WordPress does this for us?) and deleted because they do not meet the rools above. All of which are common sense with a dash of courtesy combined with an understanding of the venue in which you are participating.

  • Blog Owners — You seriously need to moderate your blog and implement the above standards as well. Doing this will help to increase the value and integrity of your blog in the process. Otherwise your blog’s overall worth will be affected negatively by Google by “comments” that are of no value to anyone.
  • Blog Commenters — Commenting on our peoples’ blogs is a good way to gain exposure. When you contribute your comments, you show your personality, share your expertises and gain great exposure for your own website. However this only works when you do it properly and for all the right reasons integrating common sense.

If you don’t have anything of definite value to contribute and you don’t want to make any of the efforts mentioned above — then don’t waste your time or that of us blog owners, okay?

Now go monkey around and post some real Comments and GET INVOLVED!

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