Why have your own WordPress Army on call?

Why NOT Have Your Own Personal WordPress Army of Flying Monkeys?

WordPress is without a doubt THE Content Management System (CMS) relacing all the old static boring HTML Web sites. Look at our site for example — all WordPress!

Support and Assistance for New or Established WordPress Site

  • If you are looking for any help with WordPress setup, configuration, customization, troubleshooting, , widget and plugin installation, we can be your very own personal Army of little WordPress helpers exactly when you need it! AT-AT Support is only US$69.95 on a per ticket/issue basis.
  • If you want WordPress Lessons or Mentoring or phone advice to “talk the talk and walk the walk” you through a specific thing or to “pick our brains” about your thoughts, worries or next move, then getting a three hour retainer in place assures you a place in the Army’s schedule. Check out our WordPress Support page for more info.
  • If you want a new WordPress site or a whole new set-up and customization for your existing WordPress site, your US$500 project deposit reserves a spot in my production schedule.

Here’s an overview of our WordPress Web site Setup Packages here.

Premium WordPress Themes

Before choosing a package, it is wise to have an idea of which theme(s) you like so we can review if the layout and widgets meet your needs.

Check out our Preferred Premium WordPress Theme Provider here.

If you desire a custom built “start from scratch” WordPress theme, pricing starts at $US2,500.00 and depends on design and functionality desired.

After your review of all our Client faq’s (yes seriously, have a read of this top to bottom), if you still have questions (which you of course will!), do not hesitate to reach out and touch a Flying Monkey!

At your Monkey service,

The Army of Flying Monkeys

The Army of Flying Monkeys

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