Setup and Customization for New or Existing WordPress Sites

Yes, you can create your own WordPress site, of COURSE you can! Seriously, if you have a bit of time and some tach savvy, then there are great blogs, online resources, articles and tutorials out there to help you do it too.

From fine-tuning WordPress to get the right look and feel to different interaction options you want, to offering a great user-friendly visitor experience. The next obvious question is: do you have the time for all that learning and trial & error that comes with doing it yourself?

Our fixed price packages below are created to allow you to get a brilliant looking WordPress site in place in short order so that you can concemntrate on your bvusiness and your side of the plan which is about adding your content to the site.

WordPress website first!

Our Flying Monkey WordPress Site Setup Packages have been built up over time to cover all the features and functionality we always get asked for most. A US$500 deposit is required to lock in your project to the Army’s production schedule.

If you prefer to work on an hourly basis, check out the AT-AT offering here.

Flying Monkey WordPress Packages Include:

  • Recommending the best hosting environment for your program
  • Finding the best theme for your site, market and goals
  • Configure domain and e-mail setup (all that DNS, DS Servers, smtp, pop, IMAP stuff!!)
  • Installation and configuration of the most recent securest version of WordPress
  • Installation of the theme of your choice
  • Database Management plugin. Keeps your site running smoothly
  • Automatic back-up installed, keeps a safe back-up ‘off-site’
  • Forms plugin, with advanced features
  • Core Site Pages:
    1. About Page: About your business.
    2. Contact Page: Contact info and form.

My packages do not include your hosting fees, WordPress premium theme purchase and current site content migration costs or adding your content for you (varies per site).

We can work on your hosting or we can move you to my recommended provider (US$14.95/month).

If your business in not yet on WordPress you should know that you are not taking advantage of Web 2.0 capabilities.

If you’re looking for an easy way to manage your web content, engage your website visitors and take full advantage of all that the social media wave has to offer, you need to start planning on integrating WordPress today! What are you waiting for?

Tell me about your project to get a package recommendation.

At your Monkey service,

The Army of Flying Monkeys

The Army of Flying Monkeys

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