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Below are the questions that we get asked all the time as well as the corresponding answers for your in depth pleasure. These are the questions and the information that you are mostly likely wondering about and need to know before contacting The Army about any of your projects.

What type of consulting do you Monkeys offer?

Our services focus on consulting new businesses as well as established programs by offering our 15 years of online knowledge, experience and expertise working specifically with Small and Medium Enterprise businesses ( SME).

Having a unique methodology that caters to those small to medium business owners that desire the personalized support and exclusive access to an established and seasoned professional team clearly sets us apart. We won’t just create your new WordPress site (that to be honest is the easy part!), we also discuss online marketing, SEO and other important issues that will determine your online success as part of all our customized packages.

We specialize in WordPress integration as WordPress brings the benefits and interactivity of Social Media and the latest features to your program. WordPress also puts the power and ability to maintain and grow your site in your own hands so that you have the best chance for success in the über competitive online environment.

Why work with you?

After 15 successful years in the online consulting business (and working with WordPress since it was invented over 9 years ago), we are in the position of having a very particular set of skills that will help you succeed online. If you want a team you can trust, who responds promptly to your inquiries, educates you along the way and ensures you know what is needed to reach your goals, we’re your Army of Flying Monkeys!

What are your fees?

All-inclusive personalized consulting, fees are based on time required to accomplish a task @ F$350.00/hour (VEP).

New Consulting Clients: F$300.00 (VEP) retainer to be added to our priority support list.

New WordPress site projects require a minimum of 50% deposit or F$1,000 (VEP) deposit, which ever is larger.

What is included in your packages?

You can read about our  WordPress setup packages here. Based on your inquiry and the information you provide we will create a custom tailored package just for you. My packages are based on what clients have asked for most combined with what we know are the features you need to compete. We outline in detail what features, functionality and support are included.

Adding of content and products is easily accomplished by you through the back of house WordPress Dashboard without having to know any code or have any programming skills. Therefore, the addition of your content or products is at additional charge if you prefer to have us to do data entry for you.

Additional charges will also be incurred by requesting features, functionality or customizations beyond that which is detailed in each package offering. Charges are not incurred without the site owners approval in advance on integration/implementation.

How much will my project cost?

That depends on what features and functionality you desire, combined with any additional work you may commission.

Rarely do clients incur additional charges beyond that of their site package and if they do, they approve those charges in advance before they are incurred. We treat your purse strings as if it were our own!

What our WordPress Setup packages do not include is the migration of your current non-WordPress content as that is a simple task you can handle yourself by copy-&-pasting from your old site into your new WordPress site once everything is set up for you. This methodology caters to site owners who are on a budget and want to be involved. WordPress’ popularity is due to being user friendly which allows you to enter your information without having to know any code.

This is also a great intro into using WordPress. YOU effectively fill the site with YOUR content.

So you know where everything is! If you require only consulting services a F$350.00 (VEP) retainer will get you on our active client list.

All new WordPress site projects require a F$1,000 (VEP) deposit before being locked into our production schedule.

After our communications confirm you want to proceed, we will send you a deposit payment request.

Do you offer WordPress help and support?

Damned right we do! This is in fact whqt fills most of our days… Our Support system was setup specifically to help folks on a case by case basis with individual tasks as they arise. It is an e-mail only support ticket based help service.

If you prefer an all-inclusive more personal approach that includes one-on-one coaching or walk-thrus on the phone, you can hire us for the time you need to accomplish your desired task or to resolve any problems you want to address. Check out our WordPress Help and Support area for more info…

Do you offer support in those Social network things as well?

Ah yes all that facebook and Twitter doing your head in huh? All of our websites are built to integrate the all importnat socil media and networks within them. And NOT linked to your personal profiles but linked into your business pages and representative profiles. Last thing your clients probably want is the newest set of pics of your niece or you dog!

If your business doesn’t have any presence on these networks, then we can of course get you set-up and started alongside your WordPress website.

What is your avaibility way out there in Fiji?

Due to the popularity of our email Support System, combined with referrals from our extensive, satisfied client base, we are kept pretty busy.

However, we are pleased to review your needs or project to see if we have the time availability to be of service.

First be sure to review this FAQ in its entirety so you know what to expect. Then contact us with your project details. If our production schedule is satiated for the current month, we can get you on the drawing board for next month. We usually have a couple hours here or there for established site tweaking and assistance so do not hesitate to reach out. After your review of our site, you can complete this form to give me the details necessary to determine how we can work together.

Are you available after business hours?

Whose business hours and whose time zone???? If you can find us and we pick up, then heck yes, Monkeys work WELL into the night sometimes…

How much of a deposit is required?

New site projects require a 50% deposit, or  F$1,000 (VEP) which ever is largest, to reserve a slot in our production schedule. For all-inclusive concierge consulting requirements upon receipt of your F$350.00 (VEP) retainer we can start brainstorming. Once you advise you would like to work together we will send you the applicable payment request based on our discussions. Being new project opportunities are limited, your deposit or retainer ensures your placement on our active client list.

By getting your deposit in place, your account is then in the queue to receive priority status. We offer superior personalized support to each of our clients, therefore, it is critical for time-management purposes and customer service levels that we be able to identify those potential clients who have made a commitment to their project as well as our partnership.

What if I just need help with an established site or Blog?

In that case, our Email Support system is perfect for you!

How do we begin working on my Web site project?

After reviewing this page completely (really!) contact us with your project details.

How long does it take for you Monkeys to get me a website?

From our side, your website will be ready within 30 days guaranteed! Delays will only be due to you not providing the information we need to develop your website per your guidelines.

IMPORTANT: Once you submit your website deposit, your website’s balance will be due once our job is completed or 30 days from the date of your deposit submission — whichever occurs first.

WordPress - starting outCan you help me learn how to setup, use and modify WordPress and it’s features?

Sure we can! With our Email Support System, you too can have WordPress help and support when you need it on a case-by-case basis!

We currently work with a diverse group of Web developers who have us on retainer for WordPress help and troubleshooting knowing we are only a phone call or e-mail away when they need assistance.

You have to be comfortable with HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript and of course know WordPress in and out to be able to customize WordPress to your own unique requirements, vision or desires. Until you reach that comfort level, we are here to offer all the WordPress Help and Support you need.

Can you provide examples of other WordPress sites you’ve worked on?

We’ve been a successful online consultant for over 15 years, working on WordPress since it was invented — so it is difficult to list all the sites we’ve worked on.

First and foremost, this very site is all WordPress for over 3 years now — so you can get a comprehensive idea of what can be done and how we are using the WordPress platform and a Premium WordPress theme for our own business.

And of course our Email Support System is all WordPress using customized plugins and a Premium Child Theme also on the StudioPress Genesis Framework.

Anyway here are a handful of our own projects based in Fiji on WordPress:

What are all the Mentor and Coaching references about?

We are concerned about your success online, not just constructing a one off website, and want to empower you with the knowledge, skills and understanding you will need to succeed with WordPress (sometimes whether you like it or not!). This goes above and beyond the technical aspects of putting your site together.


A person who gives private instruction; to give instruction or advice.

Those smart monkeys who choose to work with us literally have all our 15 online experience at their disposal. Many comment shortly after we begin working together on how the “mentor” tag fits my style and personality in guiding them to feel confident and comfortable with technology. I’ll coach you on the issues and specific variables you probably don’t even know you have to consider! You’ll also have the added benefit of having your own personal “WordPress Coach” on call in regard to the necessary skill building and knowledge acquisition that separates the winners from the wannabes online.

We’ve “been there, done that” with most things online and that experience is invaluable in being able to guide you properly right out of the gate. Not only does that save you time; it saves you money!


a wise and trusted counselor or teacher; a trusted counselor or guide; a source of inspiration.

When you get frustrated, or are unclear about how to proceed, as your WordPress Mentors, we am only a Skype call or e-mail away for you to get the inspiration, information and encouragement you need to be as successful as you want to be.

Where can I get an idea of what I can expect?

Simply review my site! One thing we do not do is hide information from you, sugar-coat issues or cater to all the online hype you’ll find elsewhere.

Online business is not for the weak of heart or indecisive. If you are up to the challenge that technology demands of each of us; we’re here ready to start with you. Taking the time to review our site here is definitely time well spent!

After reviewing the information above, what if I still have questions?

We thank you for taking the time to review all this lengthy and frankly important information!

Please include your questions when you submit your project’s details.

The Army of Flying Monkeys is here to help!

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