Why Tour Companies Are Adding LiveChat To Their Websites

Ok, so we are not experts on LiveChat (also known as “live chat” or “messaging”), WordPress being our gig :). In fact, we’re probably more USERS of it than ‘experts’.

And that’s one of the reasons we wanted to write this post. We are all as much users of messaging, as we are admins or business-end workers

In fact the more we talk to peers in the tech-world, there are no real experts in it outside the developers who are building the apps/plugins. However we reckon that this is a growing trend that deserves a lot more Monkey chatter conversation. So let’s chatter about it.

You’ve more than likely experienced live chat with customer support teams yourself along the way in 2018. Regardless of what the experience was like, most people agree LiveChat is more convenient than phone support. And so the trend began…

Smaller and smaller SME companies are now adding live chat directly to their WordPress websites. But it’s certainly not just for customer support and back up.

For your WordPress website visitors, live chat is an opportunity to engage in conversation directly with any prospective customer IMMEDIATELY.

It’s a great opportunity for SME companies to achieve their sales and marketing goals. LiveChat for sales and marketing purposes is sometimes called “messaging.”

Messaging is the new trend

It seems to be quickly gaining traction because of companies like Tawk emerging with messaging technology specifically built for SME sales and marketing teams.

Tawk is a completely free, and a technically EASY implementation process, which means trying messaging on your WordPress website is feasible for all types of tourism and hotel companies, even those with limited technical resources in outer island destinations.

End of last year, we installed messaging at my current startup. There were a few things that we thought messaging could do for us:

  • Number one on our list was to convert more website visitors to leads 
  • Next was to try to qualify those leads by directly asking qualifying questions
  • Use a this new method to engage with these hot prospects that are actively seeking answers and evaluating our product 
  • By chatting and analysing FAQs here, we can find out what information our website is missing and peeps are looking for

What is this “new” messaging trend?

Consider this:

The majority of human communication in the twenty-first century is digital text-based conversation.

Lets be honest and admit that we are all using SMS messages, Facebook Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, and Twitter as our main tools of conversation.

At some point in the future learning to type will be as important as learning the alphabet. So why hasn’t marketing adapted to account for messaging?

Well, now it has.

We are already doing it 😉

The reality for many of our SME clients is that they are already ‘doing’ LiveChat and messaging with customers, in the form of Facebook messages from their business Facebook Pages mostly. They are on their phones a few times an hour answering questions there.

So this will not be a HUGE jump to be doing it on their own websites in and give those who have come as far as our websites the same opportunity to interact with you. 

Customers Need To Get In Touch With You With No Effort

I’m sure you agree with us that in this modern world, customer service is all about convenience and availability.

Because 83% of customers require some degree of customer support while making an online purchase (eConsultancy), there is no excuse to be difficult to reach out to as a SME company.

Online customers demand to have a reliable, quick and simple way to get in touch with any company online.

This is why people prefer Live Chat twice over the phone.

2013 US Wireless Customer Care Full-Service Performance Study

LiveChat is extremely useful for a first contact and to define the needs of the customer, and there are lots of advantages to it: for both the customer and the SME Operator, there is no need to live in the fear that the phone will be cut in the next minute, and to repeat themselves many times to be understood.

And if along the way, LiveChat is not the right channel for that specific request, the customer can be accurately redirected to the appropriate method with the feeling that he is understood and taken care of.

On our site here we love and use Tawk.to

Additional Online Exposure Through New Channels

Enabling new channels such as LiveChat and Social Media comes with great benefits but must come with a proper plan as they are also carrying some risks if not well managed.

Yes, people will talk to you through all possible channels opened to them, and Social Media is a way for your customers to show publicly their love or their frustration.

Since many people listen what happens on Social Media, a complaint not well handled can have devastating effects for your brand.

You therefore want to be very available and easily direct each request to the most appropriate channel, making sure you’re there to answer, be it LiveChat, Email, Phone or even Social Media.

A mistake in this area can be costly.

89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service.

RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report

You should probably plan carefully how you can increase engagement efficiently and test how well you are able to meet your customers’ expectations by testing which channel is the best for your business.

Get Ahead Of The Competition With Updated Practices

One major point is to think about is how people, and you yourself, use technology in 2018. It’s important that you can get to them in no time, anywhere and have an edge over your competitors.

Do it from your smartphone

The next big trend is that web chat is going mobile, which allows SME Operators to help customers regardless of where they are or what device they are using. Going mobile with your messaging and LiveChat will close your proximity to the customers and reinforce their loyalty.

If you haven’t yet looked at any of these the new tools, I encourage you to do so.

Messaging is the ultimate personalization tool

Makreting Professors worldwide now teach that personalising the marketing experience is a vital element of marketing.

What more personal way to communicate immediately with your prospects and customers on-one-one by LiveChat on your own site?

Our take: “Get on With It! You’re already doing it anyway”

Overall, we have found that live chat can dramatically increase your number of leads and sales by eliminating friction and building trust very fast with new clients.

If you’re interested in live chat for your website, try our chat box in the bottom right corner and we’ll see if we can get you started 🙂

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