Things to write down!

We at the Army of the Flying Monkeys are constantly amazed at how many companies and businesses don’t have the keys to their own property. It should always be remembered that all material supplied by the company to any web designer or hosting company remains their sole and exclusive property.This is including, without limitation, all copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and any other proprietary rights. Nothing in any sensible Agreement between online providers and the company grants any ownership right in, or license to, the material.

Files designed and developed by any designer for the purpose of any online project are also exclusive property of the Company upon final payment.

That all being said well and good for the Lawyers amongst you, it is sometimes startling to find that NO-ONE in a comapny has the keys to the door of this valuable property!

Therefore we have designed a simple form that we ask every company to complete AND PRINT (yes hard copy, hard drives and PC’s break ALL the time!) to keep in company safe or where ever important documents are kept. This information is after all the KEY TO THE DOOR!


Online Login Information

All websites and online assets need to have this information recorded somewhere. Whether you are directly editing your site, or someone else is, the owner should always have this information in a secure location. These are the keys to your site, you should guard them carefully! (All of the italicized text is just there as an example.)

Domain and Hosting account (GoDaddy, Dreamhost, HostGator etc)

Host: ___________________________________________________(i.e. godaddy, dreamhost, etc.)

Host login details:


Password: ___________________________________________________

ftp: ___________________________________________________(normally OR or (this is for the actual website))

FTP Username:___________________________________________________

FTP Password: ___________________________________________________

DNS Servers (always two): ___________________________________________________
(, (this is for the Domain name only)) 

If domain and hosting purchased separately, there will be different expiration dates.

Domain(s) owned: ___________________________________________________(,, etc etc)

Domain Expiration Date(s): ___________________________________________________ (Domain Registration)

Hosting Expiration Date(s): ___________________________________________________ (Hosting server “real estate” rental)

CMS Logins (WordPress site login)

Site Address: ___________________________________________________ (

Website login:________________________________________________( normally)


Password: ___________________________________________________


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