Technical Support & Consulting

We have spent a lot of years doing technical support, help desk and administrative work on PCs running Windows and Linux OS.

Need help putting together the content for websites? Do you want to learn how those Tweet things work? The Monkeys can help.

Our primary focus will always be to make you feel comfortable and hopefully to help you learn! Damn near all services can be done remotely, which means that if you have a good internet connection, then we can get onto your PC (with your permission of course!) and walk you through a lesson on how things are done.

If you really need someone in person (Fiji only), it’s the same rate – including all travel time. The list below is just a starting point of the services we can offer – go ahead and fill out the form and ask! If the Monkeys can help, we’ll let you know, if we can’t, we’ll be honest!

What we teach, again to be brutally honest is simply basic to intermediate. We do NOT do any advanced classes at ALL, that is what universities and Technocal Colleges are for!

Lessons will include customized “how to” documentation and cheat sheets as well so you can practice on your own. (There is a PDF example of a lesson linked below.)

We’re also happy to do group sessions and presentations to your whole office or just the select marketing group who are going to be let loose ont he world through your socail vehicles!

Take a look at what we prepared for a small resort in Fiji, where we taught a session on Creating Content for the Web.

  • WORD – simple use of simple text anf formating for the webIllustrator
  • WordPress – how to get from WORD into WP
  • Working with simpl pictures (how to resize and upload to WP)
  • File management on the computer – understanding where and how to save and find files is crucial for your sanity!
  • Back-up, creating a way and method that works best for your needs

In addition to teaching, we can help you with the following:

  • Spyware and virus removal and best practices to avoid future problems
  • Home and small office network set-up
  • Printer sharing
  • Hardware purchasing consultation

Please also take a minute to read my terms.


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