Update Your Own Website with WordPress

If you have ever had a website built and been frustrated with how hard or expensive it is to make changes; then this seminar is for you.

WordPress is powerful website building, content management software that is very flexible, customizable and free. Why is building your site in WordPress a good business choice?

  1. You can easily update or add to your site without knowing how to code.
  2. You can change the look of the site easily without losing the content.
  3. It is built for blogging.
  4. It is optimized for search engines.
  5. You can customize your site with almost any kind of functionality including:
    1. Photo galleries
    2. E-commerce
    3. Event calendars
    4. Contact forms
    5. Slide shows
    6. Video

The Army of Flying Monkeys has a great starer learners package to get you compeltely in the swing of it!

Learn more about the power of WordPress and find out how it could benefit you.

Web designer and WordPress Monkey Stuart Gow will walk you through a live demonstration of how the software works and all the possibilities it could have for your business web site.


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