WordPress as a Web Content Management System (CMS)

So what the heck IS a Web CMS (Content Management System)?

Do you need to update your website on a regular basis?

Don’t want to wait to have a web developer or designer make simple changes?

A Content Management Systems (CMS) allows website owners (you) to make changes and additions to the website. No special programming knowledge is required. Simply login to your website via any computer with an internet connection and make the changes in real time.

We can give you the ability to control as much or as little content as you’d like. Many of our clients enjoy not having to wait or pay for simple content edits. The CMS systems we use are especially suited for sites that contain constantly evolving content, such as news releases, product or service offerings, or new sale items.

St Albans Web Design’s approach to content management begins with an analysis of your website needs and online business goals. This assessment assures that we develop a Custom Content Management System that precisely fits your business needs.

Conent Management System features:

  • WYSIWYG text editor – If you can use Word or Gmail, you can create a web page!
  • Granular user access control – protect all or part of your site from non-members
  • Open up for your customers to contribute content
  • Site layout is fully customisable
  • Upload and use your own images anywhere on your content or site
  • Add a forum/survey/poll or capture contact info on the fly
  • Multimedia capable – images, audio, videos
  • Enterprise class search functionality on all your content


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